What is Architecture?

There are over a hundred different answers for the above question floating on the web. But the doubt remains unsolved. Which is the correct answer? what should I keep in mind to understand the basics of architecture?
Well, there is no such thing as a ‘correct answer’ but there can be ways to understand it better and more clear, Let’s see how?

As in the google search, the basic definition of ‘What is architecture?’ has been stated as ‘The study of designing and making buildings’. Let’s elaborate a bit, since architecture is much more than designing, details are necessary. According to ‘Marcus Vitruvius’ the great Roman architect and historian, architecture has been explained in three words, 1) firmness, 2) commodity, and 3) delight.
The word firmness here stands for structural integrity and durability, the word commodity is for spatial functionality, i.e, to serve the purpose it was built for, and the word delight meaning causing attention to the eyes or stimulating the senses.

The above clarification of the words make the context understandable as now we know that architecture is not just about building something astonishing, but it also needs to care for the environment it is being built in, whether the structure is favourable for the surroundings based on factors like livelihood, climate change, the way of usage of the construction, and how it may or may not fit the social or physical landscape.

The question here gets into a detailed immersion as the analysis improves. If you are an inquisitive person then the answer may be kept sweet and simple as mentioned in the ‘google search’. On the other hand if you are an aspiring architecture student wanting to indulge yourself into the real understanding of the phenomenon, a detailed description with new theories must be discovered. (which you may find in this blog as the purpose here is to serve students need).

From an architect’s view, for a building to be appropriate, ‘it must be solid, healthy and comfortable’ which establishes a clear understanding of the explanation in Para 3.

Architecture can also be simplified by shaping an imagination and bringing it into reality, the design of the building is first created in the minds of architects and then brought into reality by getting it constructed.

Taking a glance at the architecture today which is also known as the ‘Contemporary architecture’, works like Sydney opera house, the Gherkin in London and the National Grand Theater in Beijing are some of its outstanding examples.

Architecture has ever since served a very useful role in human progress and thus the importance of it is never gonna end.

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